Suburban Tool Fly Cutter Cutting a Mirror Finish on a 9″W x 18.5″L HRS plate in one pass

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Great for milling cylinder heads as well as numerous manufacturing uses. Uses economical 6 tip TNMG 432 carbide inserts that are widely available.

Work on R8, 30, 40and 50 spindle taper, manual and CNC machines.

This fly cutter can be used for roughing and finishing. When roughing faster feed rates can be used and because such a large surface area is cut, even taking .020″ depth cuts (in steel) this cutter will often outperform a shell mill / face mill for job times and will definitely save a ton of $ on inserts. 1 tip of 1 insert is at risk as opposed to 4-6 on a shell / face mill. The TNMG 432 inserts for this cutter cost at the high end $8 and each carbide insert has six cutting tips.

This is a completely different cutter than a tool-bit type fly cutter that uses grind your own 3/8″ or 1/2″ HSS or Carbide blanks.

Please note the video is real time but the video editor we used to overlay the text in the video was not very good and the speed of the rolling text could not be adjusted.

This is a link to our R-8 Bridgeport mill cutting a similar HRS steel plate: