Domino Connectors: Simple knock-down fasteners for the Domino XL

Break through the limits of shop-built pieces and on-site construction with the use of knock-down hardware. Create, build, and finish full-sized constructed pieces, then quickly disassemble, move, and then reassemble with only a hex wrench. Domino fasteners work with the Domino XL (DF 700) Joiner to create flat or corner joints. Corner and flat connectors provide simple and quick connections without the need for templates or complex measuring. Colored cover caps provide high-quality corner connection appearance. Available as a set and individual components. Requires 14mm cutter.

Mind the gap – Bosch combi laser

Precise positioning

The Bosch combi laser projects a horizontal and vertical laser line as well as a centered plumb point on the floor and ceiling.

With the help of the app, these laser lines can be aligned remotely using the optional motorized RM 3 Professional multifunctional holder, which is powered by the integrated Bluetooth® interface. The vertical laser line can be navigated to the left and right using the RM 3 Professional holder, or the tool can be set to standby completely, directly via remote control, OR from your Smartphone. Lines and plots can also be switched on or off while working. Depending on the required battery runtime, you can also adjust the brightness of the laser lines simply via the app.

This makes reaching the next level even easier. Unfortunately the game used in the app is not available yet 😉


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MeasureOn App – How to overlay a picture

Lose the pencil and paper; ditch the project binder. With the free Bosch MeasureOn app, you get a clear digital overview of all your project details – including floor plans, measurements, photos and notes. These are all viewable with your smartphone or tablet in one app. MeasureOn is free to download and free to use.

This app works with the Bosch BLAZE GLM 50 C and GLM 100 C Bluetooth®-enabled laser measures to speed up your measuring process, improve the precision of jobsite measurements and enhance the organization and reliability of project documents. With the MeasureOn App, you’ll also reduce the chances of mistakes in transfer, be able to store images of parts of the project (with measurements and notes) and create/draw/sketch plans, all of which are instantly transferred to smart devices. It is an ideal solution for architects, contractors, installers, trades professionals, real estate professionals and more.

MeasureOn App
Applies on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
Ready for download as of 03.20.2017 in Apple App Store & Google Play Store
Transfer existing projects from GLM measure&document or GLM Floorplan apps to MeasureOn
Android 4.0 and higher
iOS 7.0 and later
Free to download; free to use

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